Toddler Program: 12 months-3 years

The Toddler environment is more than a mere classroom, it is a home away from home for children ages 12 months to 36 months. Our classrooms are designed to meet the independent and curious nature of a toddler, allowing them to freely explore in a beautiful, carefully prepared environment that is just their size. We welcome toddlers in diapers and pull-ups.


Each student in our Toddler program has the opportunity to:

Strengthen language skills

Refine gross and fine motor skills

Develop independence and confidence

Practice social skills and caring for others

Explore music, movement and literature

Under the careful guidance of our toddler teachers our children engage in practical life pursuits, such as dressing, hand washing and gardening, as well as pre-reading activities, puzzles, art, music and conversation. Independence is fostered by allowing the child to choose from a variety

of activities that he or she can accomplish with success. The daily practice of these activities enhances the child’s ability to communicate with confidence, move with grace, and develop self-reliance.

We offer flexible schedules to fit your needs.

Primary Program: 3-6 years

The Primary classrooms are designed to meet the ever changing needs of the three to six year old child. Beauty and order play important roles in creating the 20180626_104414child size atmosphere which is carefully designed to encourage curiosity and a love for learning. Valley Montessori offers each child the opportunity:

• To develop a solid academic foundation and desire for lifelong learning
To encourage independent decision making and problem solving skills
• To become an integral member of the classroom community
• To develop positive social, emotional and physical growth in a respectful environment

A typical day for a young student would includes time when the class gathers together in a circle to learn about the calendar and weather, learn about something new; perhaps the topic could be community helpers, different countries of the world, ocean life, manners or how to greet a friend with a handshake. Children in a primary Montessori classroom learn to maneuver about their classroom with confidence, exploring concepts in arithmetic, reading and writing, geography, science and activities of daily life such as preparing their own snack or washing dishes. Children learn skills in grace and courtesy, naturally caring and teaching each other, respecting the classroom activities and learning to clean up after themselves. Each school day includes active outside play time on our safe and child friendly play areas.




After School


Yoga is offered afternoons to children aged two and a half and older. Yoga is an ancient science and philosophy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Yoga, adapted for pre-school children, develops body awareness, language, good listening skills, cooperation and powers of observation. It teaches pre-school children about nature, their environment and inspires their imaginations. It prepares them for breathing techniques used in yoga. They learn by playing, singing, moving and imitating.


This dance, movement and fitness program specifically designed for young children. The philosophy of which is to expose children to various forms of dance and movement while having fun learning. The basics of ballet, tap and creative movement are taught while blending numbers, colors, shapes and words into each lesson. The children are provided with appropriate physical, imaginative and critical thinking exercises that contribute to their development as a whole.


In the Montessori tradition it is the child’s own original and unique art that is preferred. This gives the child not only a very good self image, but skill at both observation and draftsmanship. 
As Dr. Montessori said, we cannot teach a person to be an artist but we can help him develop an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels.

Foreign Languages 

On Thursdays afternoons a Spanish language program is offered to children aged four years and older. Children build basic vocabulary and begin to develop an understanding and appreciation of a foreign culture.

Summer Camp at the Montessori

Our theme based summer camp program for children 12 months to 6 years is a perfect way for your child to enjoy summer to its fullest potential. Children meet new friends, play new games, while enjoying the excitement that only a summer program can provide.

The program will comprise of daily activities such as art, dance, water play, sport fitness, gym, yoga, and art. They will also have weekly specials like pony rides, petting zoo, magician, bubble show and a carnival.